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Establishing a new brand for a new program


Sidelines started five years ago as “Student Sidelines,” an online and in-person service that empowered high school and college students to start their own side business.

Through market research, we saw a larger opportunity to focus on blue collar workers who were unhappy with their current work responsibilities, employment status, or income.


Create a new brand and simple landing page for Sidelines that brings the focus away from students and to a larger audience who wants to create a side business.



  • Market Research 
  • Brand Identity and Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • UI Design
Project Length

2 weeks, part-time (2021)

    Sidelines logo
    Sidelines old logo

    Simplifying the company name and reflecting that in a logo. The company was no longer focusing on students, so we needed to change from “Student Sidelines.” Because the founder started the business after sitting on the sidelines due to leg injury, we decided to keep it simple: “Sidelines."

    The logo uses symbols from play diagrams to nod to the many plays that are planned on the sidelines. An upward arrow reflects the positive effects of starting a side business.

    Sidelines color palette

    An uplifting palette. We chose a palette that reflected the green grass of a soccer field, the yellow sun, a bright blue sky, and a dark gray for contrast.

    Sidelines visual
    Sidelines visual

    Establishing visual themes. To symbolize breaking out of both one's comfort zone and also the status quo of having a 9-5 job, we created shadow outlines to add depth to photos and other visual elements. To communicate positivity and new beginnings, we introduced large yellow circles that representing a rising sun.

    Sidelines full homepage

    Applying new visual design to website. We chose Le Monde Journal, a serif typeface with academic vibes for headlines and paired it with the sans serif Tenon that has a large x-height to ensure readability for our older audience. The footer utilizes the rising sun motif, paired with changing inspirational messages to get started.


    The new brand and website allowed Sidelines to pursue new revenue paths it hadn't before. Over the years, Sidelines has helped 100+ individuals start their own side business and navigate the challenges that come with it.