Go Wild
Guiding first-time campers through their first weekend trip


Go Wild: A Newbie Camper’s Kit is marketed towards people in their 20s who are going on a weekend camping trip for the first time. The kit includes essentials that new campers often forget when packing, including bug spray, mini toilet paper rolls, matches in a waterproof case, a headlamp, a multi-tool with utensils, and a cast iron skillet.


Many people who haven’t been camping often feel nervous about trekking into the wild, so this package design aims to create excitement and inform consumers about camping. The kit resembles a tent, and it displays typography inspired by WPA National Park posters from the 1930s. Once consumers unlock the tabs, they reveal the objects, held down by bungee-cord-inspired elastic bands. The open Go Wild structure resembles an abstracted fire in which each flame offers a cheeky camping tip – from how to put out a campfire to how to store food. 


Made of Canson paper, corrugated cardboard, and eco-friendly and minimal ink, the Go Wild structure is not meant to be kept – once the objects are removed for use, the structure is used as a basis for their first campfire. 

Because the kit includes a cast iron skillet, the most challenging part of this design was to make the structure easy to carry. The solution was developed by determining the best way to move the heavy weight of the cast iron skillet – by the handle. 



Packaging, iconography, copywriting


• Featured on The Dieline
• Published in New Talent 2016 (Graphis)