David's Bridal
Helping brides find "the one" 


A once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience.  

David's has a dress for everyone, no matter budget, size, or shape. They want to create a magical wedding day for every bride, starting with the moment they begin browsing and shopping online. We were faced with the challenge of giving David's website a modern look with new functionality to match their new lines of dresses. 

We chose Domaine Display for its approachability and elegance. Our color palette with a bold coral brings David's brand into a modern light. The thin serifs inspired the use of interior borders on photographs.


Recognizing that brides browse in different ways. 

Some brides want a dress that matches their rustic chic wedding, others want something with lace, others want a mermaid shaped dress. Others browse on their phones and want to see photos of real brides in the dresses. 


Colors galore. 

With over 50 colors for bridesmaid dresses, we needed a way to display them without overwhelming users and also provide education about the colors. We refined the color swatches to make them true to their colors and lined them up in a colorful carousel. The icing on the cake: we added a hover state that displayed a dress in that respective color. 


Extensive filters and large photography. 

David's offers thousands of dresses, so we needed a good filtering system to help brides narrow down their options and a way to show off the dresses while browsing. We included the largest images we could fit in screen view and a hover state that shows the backside of the dresses. We added filters that matter to the brides, from price and availability to wedding theme and silhouette (with helpful icons, too). 


Mobile was key, especially for event trackers.

David's wanted to make it easier for brides to help their bridesmaids select dresses. They understood that some brides want to specify the colors, the styles, or the exact dresses. We designed a solution — event trackers —that accounted for those use cases. The brides select what they want, the bridesmaids choose the rest and purchase, and the bride gets to see when they purchased. 



Branding & Identity, UI, Content Strategy


Created with a brilliant team at Happy Cog