Reimagining how people pay for healthcare


A national challenge. 

Paying for healthcare is confusing, which is why the Department of Health and Human Services and the AARP announced an innovation challenge that called for proposals to improve patients' financial experiences. We designed a solution that transforms how people pay for healthcare by providing cost transparency and choice to our healthcare purchases, which helps to eliminate surprises and allows for more informed decisions.

First, we needed to find out where people's pain points actually were. We interviewed patients, providers, HR managers, insurance brokers, medical coders, and industry experts to gather insights. 


Considering other purchases. 

By taking on a consumer mindset, we designed a solution that's similar to booking a flight. You choose what location, cost, and provider work best for you and pay up front. 


Cost transparency from providers. 

The bigger systematic change calls for providers to publish their fees, which creates more competitive pricing. Users can search for the best price in a location near them and book and pay for the appointment within the app. 


Empowering patients to make better financial decisions. 

Clarify offers a place to view how insurance benefits and payment responsibility work together; it contains a digital record of all healthcare visits and payments. By understanding how personal healthcare spending, consumers can make better decisions about their finances. In return, because they're paying up-front, providers and insurance companies will see less missing payments, improved cashflow, and happier patients. 



Branding & Identity, UI, UX, Service Design, Research


Winner of A Bill You Can Understand: Design & Innovation Challenge
Featured in The San Francisco Chronicle


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