Carnegie Hall
Celebrating the infamous music hall's 125th anniversary


Carnegie Hall needed to communicate that it is more than just a classical music venue and as founder Andrew Carnegie stated "a house for the people." This influenced the design because the brand must reach out to more than just the wealthy donors. The designs included a new logo, an extension of the mark specifically for the anniversary, a commemorative poster series, and a 100-page book about Carnegie Hall's history. 

The "C" part of the logo represents the arches of the Italian Renaissance architecture design of the building, as well as a birds' eye view of the main auditorium seating. The stack of typography is structured similarly to the exterior of the building. 

Each poster commemorates a specific concert in Carnegie Hall history and extends the traditional black and red color palette. It's inspired by cut paper and uses the motif of a half circle to tie in the "C" logo. All headline typography was hand-drawn and crafted in Illustrator. 


The book uses the color palette and illustration style of the posters. The layouts are inspired by antique book design with large bottom margins, as well as Hoefler text with its unique ornaments. The grid is broken into three columns and four rows (representing a musical staff), which helps give the layout a musical rhythm.  




Branding & Identity, Illustration, Book Design, Hand-Lettering


Best Thesis (Drexel University Graphic Design)


Note: This project was an academic exercise, not meant for publication or commercial use.